Lyfe Hack is about breaking the barriers that hold you from accomplishing your goals. It all starts with how you project your reality. What you see is what you get! Lyfe Hacking is about taking control of becoming the best version of you. Taking the driver’s seat instead of allowing the mask of many labels to define or corner us into one realm of existence. Strap on your seatbelts, sit up straight and hold on tight! Take the journey into Manifesting your Destiny!


Check out Man-Forward Men’s Empowerment below looking for volunteers, sponsors, and partners. 


Man-Forward Men’s Empowerment Organization

    Man-Forward’s primary purpose is to be a resource hub that provides life support skills to black men seeking assistance during transitional phases in their lives. Man-Forward informs & enhances black men’s life skills through strategic planning and development. Additionally, Man-Forward offers and equips participants with vocational skills necessary to obtain gainful employment while encouraging them to champion a high moral and ethical way life.



We offer classes and empowerment sessions throughout the city that will jumpstart and catapult young men from their current circumstances. In addition, Man-Forward offers a connection to scholarships, housing, food, clothing, and healthcare services. Men who are fresh out of incarceration, halfway housing, high school and college can benefit from the services we provide.

Man-Forward Men’s Empowerment is looking for volunteers, sponsors, partners, and opportunities to serve in the community. 
Contact below:
Ronald J. Shannon Founder/Admin