Hurt People, hurt people and Karma cant Keep Up!

Think about it! How many times have you been hurt? And after that experience how did you proceed in your dealings with people in similar experiences? Did you learn your lesson and proceed with caution; or did you just give zero fucks and hardened your heart? Me personally I took Madea’s approach; ” I got to get the gotter’s before they get me”. I have hurt people! And I can admit that. I had a life-altering moment a few years back. I won’t get too much into detail but there was a mirror placed before me and the things I saw didn’t please me. Right before my eyes flash after flash of the ROLE I played in many peoples lives. And while some of the time it wasn’t intentional; it was a side effect and coping mechanism, other times I was just flat out not the best version of me I knew I should have been.  Needless to say, I was NOT pleased with myself. Often times we cope with things and call ourselves ” protecting ourselves” and we do so at the cost of others.

What I have noticed is, everything you put out comes back to you threefold. We call her Karma! And we all know what she gives! We used her to do our dirty work, but you forget that she comes back again, and again and again. We are wearing KARMA out! She cant keep up! Hurt people hurt people! And you have to learn to be confident in yourself to know that in that moment of hurt, whether intentional or NAH, that person in some way is hurting. We will call them Karma’s advocates! I have learned to first deal with my feelings because they are valid. I chose to then reflect and connect with the situation or individual; which allows me to empathize, been there done that kinda thing. And move on! At that moment the energy you spend sending ill regards, in any shape or fashion has just booked your next home visit with Karma! Like Kelly price said, I’M BOOKED! Karma does church events and nightclubs sold out arenas and open mic nights. She will not miss a beat!!

Let the situation take care of itself. Trust me Karma has enough inertia to get moving without you. I try to ask the universe to be gentle and other times I just wave at Karma’s minions while she teaches somebody else a lesson. I don’t interfere with the work of the Lord.  I get my plate and I leave! I mean, Brandy said it best:

“Thank you for all the tears all the stress I feel blessed I’m a better woman now. Look how I smile, all you did was help the next man. This experience made me who I am….”

And those lyrics are applicable to so many life situations. For real it can be any situation trial or tribulation. When you come out on the other side you should be stronger. Not petty, if you petty trust you will find yourself in the situation again. YOU GONE LEARN TODAY!  

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