Self Concept, Self Image & Self Esteem. How do you REALLY see yourself?

We live in a world where our image of self is purposely attacked and used as a weapon of self-destruction. We can conclude that the controlling powers do not want us aware of whom we really are. There are three major keys that factor into the equation of how we view ourselves. The first of those keys, self-concept deals with our image as a whole. It embodies all that we identify ourselves with this physical world.   All of those physical identity boxes that we claim connections to provide us with a concept of who we think we are. Those things such as the culture we come from, the religions we follow, the jobs we hold, and the schools we attend etc.  The status or role we play in those atmospheres; and how we feel about those atmospheres, gives us a sense of who we are. Many of us have false concepts of who we are because we measure how we feel by comparing ourselves to what boxes others fit themselves in instead of focusing on the boxes we claim and our own connections to them.

The next key is self-esteem. Self-esteem weights in our emotions on those concepts we identify with. How do you allow your religion to make you feel about yourself? How do you allow your job to make you feel about yourself? The position you hold on your job?   We all have flaws and we all have things about ourselves we may not be happy about, past or present. But how we allow those things to affect how we look at ourselves is self-esteem. Good or bad. We can reach for validation from others outside of ourselves allowing others to measure for us how we should feel about ourselves. That can lead to an unhealthy obsession with

seeking validation from outside. It can cause fear, making you scared of moving in any direction in fear of tainting further what others think about you; or what you think others think about you.  Until you learn to love yourself, you will be stuck in an endless cycle of living for what others think of us.

The third key is self-image. Our self-image is the idea we hold in our head that collectively embodies our overall life experiences. Those ugly truths we find out about ourselves during life lessons. The gifts we stumble across, the judgment of others and how our physical appearance is interpreted by others.  The society we live in now bombards us with images and ideas of who we should be.  We are influenced on what to wear, what to eat, what is good, and what bad is.  Having these concepts thrown at you constantly can distort your reality. No wonder so many of us are lost and grasping hold of the false reality lay before us.  The truth of the matter is we can be whoever we want to be, but the world doesn’t even want us to be that.  The image of yourself can make or break your future. If you hold yourself in high esteem and mentally see yourself in prosperity that which you seek will follow. But if you allow the constant bombardment of who you should be, cloud your judgment; then we are doomed to be guided into thinking less of ourselves. Ultimately we end up giving power to outside forces to shape our image for us.

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