Breaking Dishes! Who got a broom?

 Just because you find yourself drawn to something does not mean that it serves purpose forever. You don’t keep all your shoes, you throw out the bad ones. I was contemplating one day I said self, I didn’t answer back that’s just cray! But it dawned on me that I had taken on an identity that really wasn’t me. Through the journey of discovery, the wires got crossed. And I’m no electrician but I do know energy, and sometimes you have to just let certain habits/stuff/people/situations GO! Like you are allowing that (whatever that is) to define you. Ultimately, the real Earl Greys English tea is,  you handed that power over. Think about it, you are not allowed the chance to define who you are. Society says that these sets of things result in this outcome. That outcome is given a name. That name carries a certain vibration and that vibration gives you a certain feeling. Everything we are drawn to is not for us. Possibly for a moment. Don’t get too close to the fire and you might burn yourself. But the good thing about taking charge of your life is its never too late to revamp her! Go back to the closet rearrange some accessories, take off that belt and, OK SIS I SEE YOU!  You may feel a certain type of way because of what happened, or what you were told, or what you witnessed. But that does not mean that is who I am, or what I want to model myself by, or maybe it is. That is your truth that is how you processed it and you stand by it. As you should! If you like it I love it, I will even buy a ticket to the show! No one can hinder you by demeaning you if you know your truth. You cannot be put down or shamed, you have found and are living or your truth. You have the power and authority at any point to change that. If you choose not to or to continue that is your truth and no one can take that away from you. Reshaping your mold to now fit you. And serve you in the healthiest way possible. Not using it to harm or influence others but standing and living in your truth.

I Broke the Mold

I broke the mold that made me

Just to make sure no one created another me

It’s an attempt to save humanity from duplicating the same broke vessel

A product of my ancestors forced destruction

Another soul wondering about, starting over, the same lessons

With new sets of rules

I broke the mold of self-hate

I stopped traveling the roads that everyone else takes

I stopped comparing myself with the fallen ones

I had risen, rose above it all, empire state building tall

Against my dark scars my inner light illuminated piercing the dense thick fog

Insecure, afraid, weak and courage less

I broke the mold

Shattered glass everywhere

Picking up the pieces was easy

Navigating the sharp edges left behind was hard

I had to tip toe to a broom

Being careful not to further injure myself by the pieces of destruction

I broke the mold and reshaped my sculpture

Sturdy and strong

Wind resistant, flame retardant and rain proof

Shiny and brand new

New sculpture on display

The potter and the clay

He shapes what he thinks

I broke the mold that made me

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