OK Google, Navigate Home!

Where was google maps when I was growing up? I was so lost! I mean real talk, navigating the woods of adulting takes Navy Seal training! What if at birth they gave you a life navigation system? Where would you be? What would you plug into the search bar? Where would you go? I look at how the dynamics of everything has changed in just a few short years. Hell, I’m only 32, but shit has changed in “theeeese streets!  Like when I left  Richmond Va. and moved to Baltimore; the first time, I had a plan. The map is set, and my pit stop’s pre-planned! I told yall,  I got to get the gotters before they get me! I lost that damn map though! Truth is when I started the journey it blew away! I’m not sure if life can be planned or mapped out.  I do know it can be created! Evidence of that is our life today. Look at where you are and look at where you were trying to go. Now, how has your thinking created the current situation you are in currently? Good or bad,  whether you meant to be where you are or;  you JUST now realized where you are,  your reality was shaped by your thoughts. Granted you might be in a bad situation or going through a rough patch.  I’m not saying you meant to put yourself there, but what I am saying is the path you took led you there, and you are going to have to create your way out of it.   It seems like the finish line is nowhere in sight sometimes. You make a little progress on your trip then you run out of gas. You find the gas station then the alternator goes out. I mean seriously. The quickest way to anywhere will be the path of least resistance! But when is the path ever clear!  I’ve navigated through obstacles with precision and grace.! Yes! But the way there has always had a block or two. Granted some of them I put in my way.  For me, it has always been stability. I can’t stand anything that flakes and shakes! What I need you to do, is to be solid as a rock and don’t make any sudden movements. Calculated and cautious, the only problem is the calculations don’t always add up. Sometimes you forget to carry the two and add a one, and then you want to throw in the denominator!OK GOOGLE!

One thing Google maps never tell you though is what the weather is going to be. It may give you a temperature, but it won’t tell you about the debris blown on the road from the wind. It won’t tell you about the sudden jerks who stop at yellow lights; or the people who cross the roads unexpectedly. Where you broke that day? Did you pick up a hack? I’m just saying. So having a map or navigator wouldn’t necessarily guarantee you will arrive at your destination. It will show you where you are and locate where you think you are going. But you can go down any one of those streets.

It’s like a whirlwind, in this world man
Religion says your wrong, but your heart says it’s OK then….
Politicians want to control, the pastors want your Soul
Your Head to the sky man, white clouds blue backdrop and…You just want to go home so you fall to your knees man….
But one question is who are we really worshiping?
It’s a Buddha and a Jesus, it’s a Muhammad or White Caesar
we got the holy Roman Pope with missing boys under his cloak…

They say Human Being came from an Apeman, but you expect me not to try to escape, this prison called earth, a zoo full of Ape Men…
I have been trying to figure this out since I was like 8 man
but wait hold it only gets more confusing,

Green paper has more value, then the Marshes in the Bayou
We spend years learning, then you send us the student loan bill
We marched on Washington just to fall Back again into the trap I’m telling you its a spell cast over our young blacks….

What’s going on in this world man, when the ones who are actually working can’t even get food stamps, man……?

Wars and pollution, genetically cloned food and…
School massacres and mall shootings,
We are connected to our phones like leashes we look like drones man….

They want to put Robots in our Streets and give them the authority to pack heat!!
We will be dummies if we turned in our guns
Bow to your new master, or Robocop will blast you!!

Concentration camps disguised as FEMA relief Centers then tell me man, why the gates and Bobwire then…..
Its a trap its a plot, they will unleash when the time is hot man I hope you are ready for this Whirl Wind

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