I hate being defeated! To be defeated in my eyes equate’s to weakness. The struggle with emotional defeat has always been a challenge! Black men especially are taught to never allow someone, something to defeat you. While we all would like to think ” ALL I DO IS WIN WIN WIN NO MATTER WHAT, I GOT MONEY ON MY MIND I CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH….” Ayyeeeee!!! Then yo sober ass wake up and realize you are not DJ Khaled! Not yet anyway! I used to wonder how what when and where can I get my next big break. Why was it try after try time after time I felt I was being defeated at accomplishing my goals. Idea after idea, project after project. Those closest to me will tell you I’ve tried some shit and I’ve had some jobs! Never has been a problem. My dreams dangling right there too afraid to grasp on. So many times VICTORY is right there in front of us and we give up too easily. Been there done that! Coulda held on a liiiiil bit longer, but emotions defeated me. AIMED so high we can climb to our goals! But we are afraid of heights! You have ideas that are ACHIEVABLE but worry if we are believable enough. Well if you don’t believe, then how you expect somebody else to? So many of us are on the road to WINNING, but the past keeps spinning in our heads and backtracks thinking we missing something.

Defeat: a win or victory over someone or something.

; to prevent an aim from being achieved.


We can declare war over our lives, and take them back! You know stop faking it and actually make it. The first step is the hardest, trust me. But

 ” A bird sitting in a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is in her wings” 

See the bird knows, baby this limb can break if it wants. I’m going to flap these wings and fly. Let that dead wood fall! Some of us may have fallen with the wood. But I’m here to tell you; you have wings. IT’S-A CLEAR DAY JUST LAND!   Defeat or to be defeated now has a brand new meaning for me. Actually, I no longer use the word defeat; its armor! Every defeat led me here! And at this point, I’m so armored up I can’t  be stopped!  Use that defeat as a chest plate, fasten it into a sword!

Cant nobody do what you do! Believe that!

Whatever it is that you do! DO IT!

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