Round and Around We Go!!!


So recently I have been going in circles. Ok, so I been going in circles for the past couple of years! Lost No Lie! I can admit that. How many times do you pick up the pieces and start over? I came to the conclusion that I’m not as lost as I think I am but in the process of finding my way. Way to be optimistic, right?  We are in the process of finding a way! That sounds better! You know that feeling of being lost and not knowing which way to turn? So many decisions to make, so many outcomes to consider. How many times can you pick up the pieces? As many times as it takes! A little too cliche? I know I have the tendency to measure my life against what I “think” others are doing. WRONG MOVE! First, you don’t know what other people have to go through to get to what and where they are. And let’s not forget, people, put on! Fake it until you make it! That whole concept of what you put out in the universe will come back to you. So life will throw you shade! And picking up the pieces is just another way to lay the cards all out and make lemonade out of the lemons. This is my struggle! I often get in the way of my own progress, by taking the “shade of life” and allowing it to defeat me.

So what do you do? Take the punches and keep on rolling! Yea it’s that simple! Easier said than done! #FACTS. But it must be done. I cant tell you the energy I wasted on trying to figure out WHY something has happened and WHY it didn’t go the way I wanted. In life, there are no mistakes just lessons. Keep pushing forward, keep pressing on, and in due time everything will work out. As I write this know, this is my struggle, and so we are in this together.

“Today, I made up my mind, to get away

Every day, I sit and pray, every day, every day.”

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