Depression! Whats REALLY going on?

“Everything happens for a reason….”

Depression can be a significant agent in the destruction of your future!

 Merriam Webster defines “depression,” as:  feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Buuuut precisely what does that mean? Personally, if you ask me depression says; not motivated, confused, not hungry, anxious, mad, sad and a plethora of sporadic emotions that would just be too timely to name. And on this I know I do not stand alone.


 The stats on depression amongst the African American Community continues to climb. Many reasons and factors come into play, but I’m not here to discuss those. We face a different struggle than that of our baby boom parents.  The last era that has lived both before and after the BOOM of the internet (some of us), and this online matrix we inherited. The consistent bombardment of the next frivolity to grasp on to leaves us in all directions but one! I’m familiar with the feeling.

Tell me about it! If you allow it, there are a billion things that have the ability to discourage you. Discouragement can be a person place or a thing! The endless cycle continues and the end result is the morbid rabbit hole we call DEPRESSION! Ok! So you are depressed! Or are you?

AHHHH!! To cast down? As in get rid of? As in no longer needed? As in………….. re-evaluate your life and dispell any and everything that seeks to destroy you?

Exactly! Its an alarm clock telling you that SOMETHING needs to be changed. There is an area(s) in your life that need some attention. Perhaps a purge, or there is a new direction that should be considered.  Now step back and take a deep look at your life. And surrounding your “depression” what issue holds the foundation for your feelings? I learned to address it as soon as I am aware! Don’t get caught in the rabbit hole and bury you so deep that there is NO light at the end of the tunnel. Seen it happen! PUT THE WHOLE FIRE OUT! Trust me don’t go this route!

Long story short what Mrs. Merriam Webster was trying to say is; this so-called thing they call “depression” is merely your internal thermometer saying DING! Something is done! There is something in your life that no longer serves you! Purge it, revamp it, whatever needs to happen to “IT”. I tried moving along without fixing the issue, and honestly, it makes it worst. Putting a band-aid on a broken leg won’t help you walk better! And it won’t be easy!

“They keep on telling me, everything happens for a reason!”

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