Rear-view Mirrors

You cant keep straight while looking back, your going to run into something! I have had so many “oops” and “uh-oh” moments! “. I will be the first to admit I don’t know everything! And if you think you do you are sadly mistaken. Making mistakes is a part of life. I mean really! I just choose not to get caught up in those errors. Honestly, I don’t even believe in MISTAKES, I think of them as lessons! Every obstacle I have gone through has brought me to a new level of understanding. I learn, and I move on! If you think about the purpose of your rearview mirror, it’s not to see where you are going but where you came from! I’ve come ALONG way!  During those low moments and obstacles, I would always say I bounce back. But an advisor of mine helped me re-shape my focus from bouncing back, to bouncing forward! If you keep “bouncing back” all you have done is rewound yourself to the point before the mistake! NO BUENO! Baby its time to bounce forward! Now granted the circle of life is strong! We all saw the Lion King, when faced with that obstacle or test the NEXT time, what you gonna

do? Did you learn the lesson; or does the teacher need to refresh your memory? “YOU GONE LEARN TODAY!”. I realize you will revisit the same situation over and over until you learn the lesson from it. Bounce forward! There are times when I reflect on the past, but it’s only to maybe remember the experience so I can circumnavigate that obstacle. But there have been times where I didn’t learn, and the lesson is always harder than the last time! Nevertheless, we live, and we learn.

“‎Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning… Anyone can start over and make a new ending.” 

― Chico Xavier

One of my goals for 2018 is to not become STUCK in that obstacle. As soon as I jog my memory ” oh I’ve been here before” I make the necessary adjustments! “Aint nobody got time for Dat” We need reminders every now and then, and The Creator has a way of allowing us to revisit old experiences to see if we grew from it. Well, did you? I KNOW I have a lot more growing to do. I am still bound by things that I  don’t  understand. The world does a good enough job of beating you up when you make a “mistake.” But “issa journey” we are on the road to success and a better you! But you gotta do the work! Stop trying to fix the other person, or the situation and adjust your self!


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