The Other Side of Darkness! Step into the light Carol Ann!

“God has not promised me sunshine,
that’s not the way it’s going to be;
but a little rain
mixed with God’s own sunshine,
a little pain,
makes me appreciate the good times.”

                                         Be Grateful!

#FACTS, “someone else would love to be in your shoes”. Let me put it in perspective though; in the world of self-inflation, imaginary “haters” and “coveting thy neighbors property, it may not/isn’t always on the jealous or envious spectrum. Your light may shine brighter than the house next door. And looking from the street the passerby admires how your light shines and wishes that theirs too was as bright. For those that don’t get metaphors, their situation is a little less smooth. To that neighbor looking from the curb, remove your FOCUS from what the next person is or isn’t doing. Nobody has it all and what you think you want; by looking in others lives, may not be meant for YOU. Step into your light!  It is nothing wrong with aspiring to be and being inspired by others. You should indeed always set motivational goal markers. But the creator never blesses us with things meant for others! Never feel like you gotta get what the next man has! Get the version of that which the creator meant for you! Manifest your own destiny.

But you gotta be grateful for what you have now!

BE GRATEFUL for what you have now! The overflow/increase won’t come until you are appreciative for what he has given you to deal with NOW! We all want to mooove on up to the east side and grab this pie! We all want the increase, but the increase posses a level of responsibility and we must appreciate and grasp the fullness of what we currently have in order to reap the benefits of the next level.

“God desires to fill your longings,

every pain that you feel,

He feels them, just like you ;

but He can’t afford to let you feel only good ,

then you can’t appreciate the good times.

Ahhhh!! Where would you be had you not gone through the ish you went through? Had you not been backed into that corner would you have come out swinging? Hell, would you have learned how to fight? Comfort can hinder the very essence of your growth! If nothing changes; then nothing changes! And ” round and round we go!”

Showing your gratefulness honors what the creator has already done in your life. Yes, it may be dark right now! But you already possess the light that will guide you through the dark path. Wait so this ain’t your first time in the dark? Look back, you’ve been here before! Maybe not this exact level, but the

God in you has always walked you through the dark times.

Sometimes God will make you so uncomfortable as to PUSH you to your destiny. Some of us are scared or hesitant to make steps forward. But when the creator boxes you to the point where all you can do is come out swinging! Be grateful for the fight! Its a method to the madness; and you might have to go mad just to find your way. The life we have been given never promised it would be easy! As a matter of fact, we are have been warned of the trials and troubles, yet when they come we act surprised! Everything cant be hunky dory ALL THE TIME! That’s just not how things work. Pay attention to the SEASONS of life! Don’t get discouraged by the dark tunnels! Don’t let the wintery seasons of your life, make your heart cold towards God. Keep that flame ignited that he might light the path upon your feet! And you WILL be elevated to the next level. YOU JUST GOT TO BE GRATEFUL!

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