Addicted to YOU!

Do you love yourself? How much? Never really thought about it, or asked yourself that right? Self-evaluate dissect the decisions and choices you made. They can be a good insight into how you show love for yourself? Now why in the world would you put yourself in some of those situations? LOL OH, I KNOW TRUST ME! I’ve made decisions I dare NOT put in writing. If you weren’t there, it didn’t happen! But as long as you learned from it then it wasn’t in vain. I mean, if you aren’t aware of the lessons you’ve learned from mistakes, I fear for you! The loops in your life, the reoccurring situations. Clearly, we all have/had that ONE reoccurring “situation.” The lesson hasn’t been learned. Pay attention next time.


FOCUS! How much do you love yourself? Have you fallen in love with yourself enough to not put yourself in a “situation”? Granted we don’t always KNOW we are going into a situation. Nevertheless, there usually is ALWAYS a sign. We choose to ignore, or we pay it and get on the damn roller coaster anyway! DID THAT!

Do you love yourself enough to make decisions that foster your future

and not just cater to your immediate gratification? You are the master of your destiny and the moment that clicks! Is the moment you drive into the actual concept of loving yourself.

My Dad would always tell me ” Love yourself son.” I never really grasped the FULLNESS of the concept until I became an adult. This means at some point I had to evaluate who I hung out with, the things I put in my body, the connections and interactions with the world that I controlled.  And truth be told I fall in love with myself more and more as time goes by. Now, this is no unhealthy narcissistic inflation! But I am learning to not be afraid of giving MYSELF what I need FIRST. Yea, I said first. You cant help NOBODY if you haven’t helped yourself. When you love yourself, you treat others different. Because you understand yourself! Annnnd it saves me from some stuff. It keeps me from taking things seriously. When people intentionally or unintentionally harm me. Now granted I’m not gonna ALLOW you to get away with it. But my maturity allows me to turn my haters into motivators! Because I am VICTORIOUS “everything is meant for my good in the end; VICTORY.”


And so now before I do anything, I check with myself and make sure that this or that, him or her, etc., etc., will enhance or be in the best interest of ME! Not because I was sought after. Everything that beeps on your radar does not need your attention. Let another ship take that distress call. But that’s a DEEP lesson! Not right now! FOCUS! How much do you love yourself? Have you grasped the fullness of yourself? The good the bad and the in between?  My decisions changed when I started to check in with myself first. Not to say that exceptions aren’t or cant be made. But I need to inform myself of what I’m about to get into! Get it? Got it? Good! Long story short Learn you, love yourself! Treat yourself!


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