Clean, but UNSORTED!

 So it’s 2018!!! And boy am I glad about it!  You know how we do! New year New You! Some of us have been “a different person” every year! Never really finding YOURSELF just taking on another personality based on your past year’s outcome. #BOOM We sware starting around Thanksgiving and Christmas; I’m cutting so and so off, I’m doing this I’m doing that. I call it cleaning up! I’m from the south, so there are numerous traditions or little superstitions that we culturally take into consideration at the end of the year! The one that sticks for me is my mom would always make me wash all my dirty clothes before the new year. ” Son you cant go into the new year with dirty clothes, you want a fresh start!” Obedient to my mother I would hurriedly wash clothes.  While I was cleaning, drying and sorting; Id recall of the past year’s accomplishments, next years goals, etc.  This year due to circumstances my end of the year tradition didn’t go as planned. My clothes are CLEAN! But  UNSORTED! I just put them on the couch and figured I’d get to it when time permits.

              I spent the last four or five months of the year in set up for a transition in my life. While in the midst of it I  was not aware that’s what was happening. I was so caught up in life, gassed up on energy drinks and cleaning myself up.  Mind you, I had no idea what was going on. But I felt I was being led to do certain things and to stop certain things etc.  I was not paying attention enough in my own life to be aware of what was REALLY happening. I know my anxiety was through the roof and my depression had tripled! Honestly, we are all guilty of this I was just going through the motions, I was in drive mode but clearly no pre-set destination!  2017 I did laundry! Old habits I thought I broke became routine again.  I had to rework through some unhealthy attractions, addictions and toxic people. I mean stuff that I thought I dealt with and cleaned up in my life! Things were coming from everywhere! Now that 2018 is here! I have a clean set of clothes! I have an entirely new outlook on life-based on what I went through last year. But its still UNSORTED!

The cleanup process actually wasn’t that bad. I mean I had to retap into some emotions and revisit some areas that were painful.  But the process was natural, you throw the clothes in, and the machine does the washing and the drying.  The hard part is sorting and putting everything in its proper place.


1.) I need a plan going forward so I will not have to revisit this stuff again!

2.) The appropriate support system to hold me accountable!

3.) Put the wheels in motion, don’t talk about it be about it!

Its ok to still be sorting out! I just turned 33, and honestly, I have more years of “sorting” things out. Hell, I’m sure I’ll have some more dirty laundry soon! For me to move and walk with my gift or purpose, I needed to go through and make clean some of the “dirty laundry” in my life.

So I guess its just like any old new year! I declare that I AM! I take a seat to God, in turn, he gives me the gift of patience! I let him drive and WATCH how he SHOWS UP in my life!

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