If the shoe fits Cinderella wear it!

Remember in the story of Cinderella when the Prince was going around trying to fit the shoe on the feet of the sisters? I mean they all wanted it to fit, didn’t they?Everybody wanted to be the next Princes. But it wasn’t their destiny, so the shoe didn’t fit. This can go in tandem with taking ownership of YOUR stuff! Good bad and indifferent. We often, just like Cinderella’s stepsisters, try on things that do not FIT us, does not SERVE us and is not MEANT for us. But if the shoe fits, wear it! “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit” in layman terms, LET IT GO! Some of us are holding on to things that do NOT FIT!! And you know it doesn’t fit. Yet you have FORCED your foot in that glass slipper over and over. Walking around on your tippy toes timid and uncomfortable.

 Even though the stepsisters tried to hide Cinderella, she had to stand up and say that’s my stuff! Which meant she had to accept the responsibility for defying her stepmother, not finishing in her work and sneaking out to a function she KNEW she had no business at. Granted it worked out for her in the end. I mean she is the Princes now, however, Imagine if she had not accepted responsibility, she would still be sweeping and cleaning. You ever broke up with someone and the flood of the blame on the second party comes? Playing the victim instead of biting the bullet and saying well, had I done xyz different maybe, or had I slowed down enough to understand my significant others point of view then perhaps this wouldn’t have happened. I am very vague this week, but this can be spun so many ways. I want to make sure you as my readers are able to capture the massive importance of taking ownership of your mistakes.

It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes! We all wanna portray that we are “holier than thou” and that we all have it together. (Inserts Laughter) . We are all still growing, so in that growth process, you may have times you have to check yourself. Hell I rather checky myself than to let someone else check me! ” WHO GONE CHECK ME BOO?” When you know better, you do better, and for so many of us, ignorance is bliss!

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