The Church, Their Demons, and who I love!

 When it comes to the church and its dealings with the SGL (same gender loving) community the contradictions between doctrine, the Bible and the word of their so-called God are vast. Now lemme set this on your newsfeed! I believe in the higher power and authority of God. What I do disagree with is many interpretations of his “word” and said “teachings”. I don’t understand how and why the SGL community has been demonized, sexualized and cast out to fend for ourselves. When it comes to our gift of being able to resonate with a dual energy (male & female) it is often overlooked at the magnitude our gifts are USED versus the position we are told we hold in the “Kingdom of heaven”.

My “struggle” with sexuality has been and is the catalyst that launches me head first into my SPIRITUAL connection with my higher power! I always keep in the forefront of my cognition that ” I am the representation of God in my life”.  We were taught early on to look outside of ourselves to find God INSTEAD of being taught that he is us, but we are not him. Although I grew up in a very Christian Baptist home, and I come from a lineage of powerful and significant movers in the realm of religion. I, however, am far from RELIGIOUS.  Religion is the box they TRY to put your spirituality in. But if GOD is omnipotent, almighty and wonderful why is it mans interpretation of who he blesses so limited? A question no one can answer. I am writing this out of the urgency that if we continue to DEMONIZE and SEXUALIZE our sons and daughters, we will produce more demons and sexually deviant human beings. I mean this will go over a lot of heads and probably won’t be one of my favorite posts. Yet it is something we sweep under the rug in African American households and what that cycle breeds results in our current state.

So to that young man or woman that falls on their knees praying the gay away! To the young man or woman who is afraid to live and be his or her authentic self because of the box religion try’s to cast upon you. I urge you to use that adversity as fuel to catapult you into being the person God wants you to be. I can not tell you its right I can not tell you its wrong. I can tell you to seek God and he will give you the peace you need to grow into the person you are meant to be. Don’t put so much thought into how the world wants to categorize you. Continue to ask God to guide your footsteps and his will shall be done. To the church mother who doesn’t understand! You don’t need to that ain’t your walk! For the pastor who breeds hate and disdain but wants “TWAN” to lead the choir because his voice is winning souls! Shame on you! What we need is more appreciation, understanding, and LOVE! I think that is what WE (SGL) community is here to teach you. ASE!

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