Grandma’s Prayers

In loving memory of Beulah Bell Arrington  03:03:18

No one could ever prepare me for losing one of the most influential women in my life. I can still hear her saying when I called” hey baby boy! How you doing? I’m hanging in there baby!” I ‘ve lost count of cousins, last I checked it was 64 of us; that’s not including the kids of the kids! But GRANDMAS prayers covered all of us and some more! She was everybody’s “Ma”; you needed food call, grandma, you needed beds for your kids, call grandma, you needed $40 to hold you over till your next paycheck, call grandma! A praying warrior she was! She raised nine, yes nine girls all on her own. death

I never said all I wanted to say,  I didn’t become whom I wanted her to see me become. But Grandmas prayers will cover me until that day and beyond.  The beauty of it all is, we have an extra pair of eyes looking out for us! The physical body she leaves behind does not hold her spirit. Tapping into the essence of her will always bring us closer. She was kind, understanding, faithful, caring, loving, thoughtful, and a Godly woman!


The VOID of a grandmother can never be filled! There is a gift of UNDERSTANDING God has given them that no one can match. The COMFORT of speaking to someone knowing what you said will only be repeated in her prayers. The SUPPORT of a golden heart that only wants to see you progress into the best version of you. We have a shortage of these Grandmothers, and on Wednesday we lost one of the greatest that ever lived! Far from perfect but she knew how to fall on her knees and cry out to the lord on our behalf! She was the intercessor on behalf of our family. She stood before God during the nights we didn’t, we couldn’t or we refused to. Where would I be? Where would we be? Thank God for the Praying Grandmother.2110af5caf869559fd441a7850bdac89

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