Adversity Fuel

“And sometimes in the middle of your struggles, you’ve got to make some kinda NOISE; and let the ENEMY know I’M COMING THROUGH!”


What can I say? Things happen right? You will be trotting along living your life. Drinking water and staying out of trouble.  Next thing you know here comes some adverse force hating because you winning. JUST LET ME BE GREAT! The younger version of me would stop dead in my tracks! What do you mean I cant go that way? It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. The adversary uses illusions to distract you from getting closer to your goal. imagesLet’s call a thing a thing! Adversaries are only doing what they are designed to do! Block you, scare you and make it appear the very thing you want you don’t deserve or its bigger than you! LIES! LIES! AND LIES! Now, this is not without saying that you mustn’t EARN these things! Fighting the adversaries fulfills that obligation to earn what you want. Anything worth having is worth fighting for! Nobodies just going to give it to you! And faith without works is DEAD!

 I’ve luckily been able to identify one of my adversaries; Anxiety is his name! I’m sure someone can relate! Worried about some stuff that hasn’t even happened yet! All at one time. After identifying it I am now aware of what I need to do to keep myself lifted, grounded and shielded in those moments.  Most times these are internal conflict signals and it is ok to take the time to assess those.It’s hard to internalize some of our adversaries because we have been trained to blame any and everything on a devil! In parallel, we also seek outside of ourselves to be “saved”. We can go through the rituals but are you really accomplishing SALVATION from an external source?Meh! Just a question. I digress.


28685339_338557653324490_8422638285141432755_nThe work, the fight, the climb; the sweat, the blood, and the tears are done through exerting your physical, mental and spiritual energy. The combination is a force to be reckoned with and will guarantee your victory in facing any adversary that comes your way.  Internalizing your adversaries gives you a power that externalizing them doesn’t. It reminds you that YOU have control. That adverse energy can be manipulated and used to your advantage. The one thing I love about my ancestors is they were aware that NOTHING is wasted! And everything has a purpose! That fuel alone should ignite the curiosity in you to see through your manifestation and push forward to stand in it.



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