The Truths!

Yours, Mine, and THE TRUTH!!



Different lives, different truths. From where I sit I might not see the world as you do! Life comes with it’s promised amount of confrontations. FACTS! Even for the most non-confrontational persons (raises hand); it’s just one adversity we will all face. But in the midst of the confrontation, there is an even more meaningful mechanism. THE TRUTH. Whenever you involve three elements in one situation then its inevitable to happen. And that’s only with two human bodies involved in the conflict. MY truth is based on MY life experiences, MY  perception of those experiences, and how I see MYSELF after those experiences.  Vice -Versa for the second party, both experiences are unique but may overlap and require personal interpretation. Then you have THE TRUTH. It is what it is! Have you ever pulled back from a situation; past your own internally combusted feelings about the matter, and realized that what you meant is not what happened? “The road to “hell” is paved with good INTENTIONS“. You meant well, but for whatever reason what actually happened did more harm than good. So what do you see with your Gucci rose-colored glasses?  Be careful before you answer because the MIRROR is always closer than you think. I have LEARNED (it took time), how to pull back out of my own self, and OVERSTAND the issue. I learned a lot about myself! I found out what I stand for/willing to stand for. Now, granted that may or may NOT change my position on the matter. If you like it I love it! Those are your choices to make. As long as you can sleep at night, go for it!PRACT Never get EMOTIONALLY invested in OTHER  peoples decisions.  FINALLY ACCEPTANCE! Have you accepted your truth? Is that pill too hard to swallow? Grab an extra glass of milk and chug it down. Some of our truths may not be that hard to swallow but the creator has a way of showing you, yourself through other people! Stand in your truth! Your truth today does not have to be a forever standing facility. It CAN and SHOULD evolve into what you manifest your destiny to be. But if you never come to the realization of what your truth is NOW in this present moment you will be stuck where-ever that is.  So what truth will you be accepting today?




A part of my morning ritual.



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