Sick & Tired


“Sick & Tired”

So what are you doing about it? There comes a time in your life when you just have had ENOUGH! Unhappy, unhealthy, toxic; relationships, jobs, and situations might leave you feeling like this. If you look back you will see you have been in a loopy loop. Back and forward. “You said that the last time you felt like this son” that’s one of the most recent comments from my father. “So what are you going to do about”? For those of us who understand PURPOSE & DESTINY, you can relate! I had been in the same loop of jobs (unfulfilled), relationships(ditto), and situations(which I put myself in) for years. My father and I have had this conversation over and over and over. Finally, I got it! Nothing changes, if NOTHING CHANGES! That means going back and doing the same routine over will not produce new results. What you WILL get is a variation of the previous results and if you just continue, well that’s just insane! It was NOT enough for me to just have a cute title and an office with a nameplate. I desired and craved purpose! I knew I had a destiny. The funny thing about our good friend’s destiny and purpose. They will reveal themselves to you vaguely, but make you find them! Aint that the truth! They won’t leave an address or map coordinates. 8e572eece6ad525737f1c5187459c7ac In a recent conversation with a good friend of mine(sister from another mother), we exchanged frustrations with having OUR time and ENERGY wasted on fulfilling our corporate OWNERS dreams. After exchanging some information and giving some insight on how I was making my transition, I recited to her the very same thing my father told me. “You will make that move once you REALLY get tired!”. Listen, IT’S SCARY! I won’t make it sound like a cake walk. There is a certain uncertainty that can come when you are searching for “DESTINY & PURPOSE“. But that’s just that ole adversity twerking down your timeline to distract you. I would have gotten to mine a lot sooner had I not waited for other people to validate my purpose. Had I not been distracted by trying to be someone or something I wasn’t. Had I not been afraid to succeed in my calling. “Get your house in order”.  Get rid of any and everything that does not serve or feed your purpose. Dismantle that negative internal conflict that shades your vision and faces your adversaries head on! So….are you sick and tired yet?









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