“This is America!”


Childish Gambino This is America!

The recently released visual for the song titled, ” This is America” by Childish Gambino, is nothing short of AMAZING!   While I am not new to him as an artist, to some his latest work of art will definitely make sure he is remembered. The video is LAYERScreenshot_20180508-210332ED with message,  after  message, after message.   The beautiful thing about art is interpretations are never WRONG merely perspectives of the beholder. Straight off the bat, GUN CONTROL, even prior to “THE ORANGE ONE” taking office, mass shootings and acts of terror were on the forefront of Americans minds.  But on a deeper level, he began the video in my view mocking the current music/dance trends.  And I say “music” lightly! I love to bop to it, but not my FIRST choice when I really want to grooove out to some music.  He also mastered relaying the message of how so many of us are DISTRACTED by the FRIVILOUS culture we are now engulfed in. Call me a buzz kill, but a thing is a thing! Did anyone else see “Death riding a white horse” in the background? I missed it the first time but I caught it in one of the 2,000 times I’ve watched it. Suicide, the man falling from the second floor onto the car. And what were the kids doing? They whipped out their phones and recorded it, all the while their mouths were covered by white cloths. Merely a mockery of how mute and non-communicative we have become. AMERICA

Distracted sheep(shrug shoulder emoji). We are living in a world where someone can walk into a church and shoot a congregation with no remorse. Oversexed, over drugged and without a clue of what REALLY going on. We will wake up one day and find all our civil liberties GONE and SLAVERY will no longer be a CHOICE. Gambino posed as iconic characters through the video that depict our buffoonery! This video was packed with so much RICH visual artistry that I can only touch on a few. My overall take on the video?

1.) Childish Gambino is AMAZING  2.) BLACK MAN GET CHO MONEY  3.) America, you in danger girl!




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