Creeping Pride

proudConfidence is a key attribute that one must have in order to navigate the realm of existence we currently live in. However, confidence can quickly creep into pride if we are not careful. Now, it is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being PROUD of yourself, accomplishments etc.  But sometimes we allow that pride to fill our heads then we run into conflict with our EGO.  Ego can give you a FALSE sense of your own importance! You know the GRANDIOSE view we tend to have of ourselves. Untouchable, unstoppable and ABOVE AVERAGE. Attributes we use to declare our superiority over someone else.                                                                             EGO

When we operate purely on our ego we tend to lose footing in our CONFIDENCE. Confidence comes with an aspect of KNOWING! Its a component of FAITH! It affirms that 77fdeed565bf56facbdbe47b7db4e4abwe are AWARE of a higher power that drives and supports us in our endeavors. EGO lies to us and makes us feel like we are purely operating on our own! When operating in a prideful manner, our heads are surrounded by the thick of clouds; and we can lose sight of our goal. We tend to feed off the accolades instead of feeding off of its purpose. This can and is a dangerous place.  What goes up must come down! And if we allow our PRIDE to creep up on us, you won’t see the downfall! Staying confident assures that you TRUST and have FAITH in the higher power that NO matter WHAT comes. YOU WILL SURVIVE!

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