Growth & Comfort Dont Mix


What an anomaly right? GROWTH and COMFORT don’t mix! To be comfortable in any situation means you are SATISFIED with the current state of things. SATISFIEDIf you are on a journey to better yourself or accomplish a goal and you are currently comfortable GET OUT! I worked in several different fields on my journey. Each one bringing a new level of satisfaction and growth. But at the moment I get too comfortable and complacent  I would think to myself; Is this really where I want to be?  Most times the answer was NO. INSTANTLY I became UNCOMFORTABLE. WHY? Because I knew that’s not where I SHOULD be. I speak a lot about purpose and destiny because a lot of us are aimlessly roaming the lands and grasping on to things that we THINK we are meant for. Often what we will do is reach these plateaus and think to ourselves ” hey I made it I can get comfortable now”. bc7d701d0d71320dec875c4ae72e006c.jpgWell, there is no room for growth in that space, there is no room for improvement, and there is no forward movement. Now, with that being said, if you are SATISFIED and feel you have REACHED your maximum potential; by all means be comfortable. But some of us have SETTLED for mediocracy because we are FROZEN in fear of the process it takes to move forward.  The careers I worked where familiar and I was confident in them because I was used to being there. But it was always a little voice pulling saying you can accomplish more, you are worth more, you are destined for MORE. Listen to that voice.  I can tell you for a FACT that when you try to do better ADVERSITIES will come for you like bees come for honey. It’s much easier to do the wrong thing than it is to do the right thing. So are you UNCOMFORTABLE? Good Keep GROWING! You won’t buy a new house until you outgrow the old one! And for that one must become uncomfortable. Many of you may be in a position where you are feeling uneasy you may be faced with some things you don’t know how to deal with. This is a good place to be you will have to make decisions that you have never made before. You may be surrounded by a demographic you are not used to. In time you will become comfortable and be capable to maneuver through these things with ease. That’s how you know its time to move to the next plateau.


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